***NOTICE: As of 8/14/2022, all weddings and large events will be charged gratuity for the servers that go above and beyond to make your event amazing. The gratuity fee will be set on the server labor cost only and at 20% for that staff to split. So for example, if your labor cost is $500, the staff would be splitting a $150 tip. We greatly appreciate any additional tipping you want to give at the event as well for a job well done.

***NOTICE: At any event when you have additional dinnerware and guests invited than what you paid for and was contracted for, you will be charged for that dinnerware and the additional cost for the meals BEFORE any dinner will be consumed. We can NOT guarantee that everyone will get the full menu depending on the difference in the amount.

Fresh. Innovative. Personal.

OIP (1)

Buffet, Plated Service, Family Style

Whether you want a full service plated meal, family style meal where you entrees are plated but all of the sides are put on the table to be passed family style, or a buffet style event, we can accommodate your needs.  Professional staff will be on site to take care of your guests for any style event.  Buffet is free of charge and incurs a smaller staffing fee based on the headcount.  If you want to do a full service or a family style event additional fees will be added since it will require more staff. 

Inclusive As It Gets

We pride ourselves in making sure that your catering needs do not break your wallet. We also know every wedding is different and venues require certain things. So our catering comes with premium plastic dinnerware and flatware for a small upcharge  and all necessary condiments, and a FREE Charcuterie Board for your cocktail hour! While your guests enjoy a drink and snack you can get your pictures done with ease!   You may add on real china and other rentals and services at additional cost. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

“Katie was amazing. She catered my wedding. We did a cocktail hour complete with the perfect hors d’oeuvres.  Then a served, plated meal for over 100…She was honest and affordable. Best of all she came with everything…No wondering if something was left behind. I can not encourage you enough to choose Katie, you won’t regret it!”     – Erica Lever

Just Appetizers

Not every event is meant to have a full meal.  The Katie’s Catering Team can make some of the most amazing displays with a combination of appetizers and extravagant charcuterie boards to leave your guest wowed.  


It's Not Just Food..It's More

It’s not only amazing looking and tasting food that Katie’s Team provides at each event…but it’s also the matching style of decor that is brought to compliment and dress up your food tables.  Katie has an inventory of displays and decor that is available to rent for your event! 


Katie offers tastings to help you decide your meal for your special event. Tastings are $50 for four people, or $70 for 6.  You may choose up to three entrees and four sides.  To book is a $500 deposit to secure your date.  It is the only nonrefundable portion of the cost but is applied to the overall total. There are NO soft holds on wedding dates until deposit is paid. **all premium priced items will increase the price of your tasting to fair market value at store for the cost of that item, for example: steak 

Our Weddings

Its never easy picking the meal for your wedding but when you order with us, we take all the hassle and worry away by providing a great meal with a beautiful presentation, and don’t forget affordable! We have Themed Menus, Single Enree Meals, Double Entree Meals, and  Custom Menus for those special occasions! All of our weddings are buffet style unless you want a plated meal.  

Single Entree Basic Menu Items are $15.5 per person.  It comes with 1 side, salad, bread, and a charcuterie board

Double Enree Basic Menu Items are $17.5 per person.  Everyone will be able to take both entrees.  It comes with 2 sides, salad, bread, and a charcuterie board. 

Premium Menu Items (they have an * by them) are at additional cost.  To pair them with a basic menu item you would add an additional $5 per person.  For example…Brisket is $16.5pp and to add the Garlic Herbed Chicken would make it $21.50pp. Everyone would take both meats.  If you have a plated meal and are going on an RSVP response by menu item, we would price each item to what the headcount is for that item.  

Plated Meals are $5 per person extra.  We would build your timeline to make sure we delivered salads, dinner, and if the cake is already cut or there is sheet cake to pre-cut, we will deliver the cake or dessert as well.  Otherwise cake or dessert can be put out on the dessert table for the guests to grab at will.  

Partial plated service is $2 per person extra. It would consist of adding on table top items such as salt and pepper, roll baskets, butter dishes, dressing decanters and any other items needed for the salad and rolls to be brought out prior to dinner. 

China is available with our full line of rentals.  We offer many different styles and colors to match your theme.  We are happy to give you a custom quote to make sure you know exactly what you are getting.  When we do china we will set out our dinnerware in a formal set up on the tables, set your napkins and silverware, and fill your water goblets.  Water service can be discussed at your tasting/meeting with Katie.  Rental fees do apply. 


What comes with it?

We provide premium plastic dinnerware, flatware, cake plates, extra cake forks, and white paper napkins for an additional $2 per person or at whatever the charge is for the products if it is a specialty item.  We will order whatever color and style you like!   You may supply your own dinnerware if you so choose and we can still service it for you. We also provide the most important thing of all…..the CHARCUTERIE BOARD!!! When your ceremony ends and you need to finish up your pictures with your family, your guests will be able to grab a snack and drink and find their way into the dining room! That is Katie’s gift to you when you book with us for your wedding! 

Charcuterie Board
Premium Plastic Gold Dinnerware (charger not included for free)


Staffing is one of the things we take great pride in when you book with us.  We show up on the job 2 hours prior to the ceremony starting.  We unload, set up all of the guest tables, set and display the charcuterie board, set up the buffet line, bus tables through out cocktail hour and dinner service, any table flips of apps or dinner to obtain more space for cake, we cut and plate your cake after your pictures, we save your top tier for you if you so choose to, box up all leftovers and leave in the kitchen area for you (typically not the fridge so it can properly cool down), clean up all kitchen area, sweep, mop, wash all counters and used spaces, dry sinks, and take out kitchen trash.  By the time we finally leave after usually 7-8 hours the only thing left on the tables is what you and your guests are drinking from at the bar. If you do real china, additional charges may incur for length of time on the job and servicing fee. 

Self Served Buffet: this is the most popular and common. This usually requires 3-4 staff depending on your headcount and allows the guests to go down both sides of the buffet and serve themselves.

Staff Served Buffet: includes staff to serve your guests as they come through the buffet line allowing only the staff to touch the serving utensils. This type of service requires a minimum of 5 staff to take care of the food items on the buffet unless it is a smaller headcount.

Partial Sit-Down Service: Includes pre-setting salads & dressings and rolls & butter to the guest tables. This service is available at an additional price of $2.00 per guest.

Plated & Served Dinner Service: includes pre-setting salads & dressings and rolls & butter to the guest tables with the dinner being plated and served to the guests. This service is available at an additional price of $5.00 per guest. Additional fees may incur for table items.

Family Style Dinner Service: includes pre-setting salads & dressings and rolls & butter to the guest tables with the dinner being served in dishes to each table. Entrees can either be plated and served to the guests or accompanied on a large platter like the rest of the meal. This service is available at an additional price of $3.00 per guest. Additional fees may incur for table items.



Bars and Bartending

We have you covered when it comes to your bar needs! Whether you buy your own alcohol and you just need us to bartend or if you want us to provide your bar for you and bartend, we can make it hassle free.  We are licensed and insured to take care of all of your bar needs! For 3 hours it is $150 and then $30 per hour after that per bartender. Check out the Bar Tab to learn more! 


You have spent months planning the details of your wedding, but who is going to see those plans are carried out on the day of the wedding? Your wedding day should be about relaxing and enjoying your special day, not answering vendor questions, setting up decor, or stressing over the details.  With our affordable packages there is surely a fit to take care of all your needs! Check out our coordination packages that start as affordable as $850 for day of coordination!

Decor Rentals

Tired of looking around on all of the swap and shop sites or spending hours on the web searching for affordable decorations that you will end up being stuck with or trying to sell when your wedding is over? Well look no further!! We have what you need! Check out our Rentals tab and you will find all kinds of decor for your tables, isles, arbors, furniture, and more! We will have decor specialist set it all up for you and then pick it all back up! Check in for a custom quote! All rentals are subject to rental fees. 

Detailers: Detailers can be hired to setup your decorations before the event and then stay after the catering crew leaves and collect those rentals. 


Administrative Fees

The service charge is not a gratuity but is an additional charge that is used to cover certain additional operating costs that are associated with each event.  The front of the house service staff that works the event does not receive any part of the service charge. The service charge covers the following cost: administrative costs such as appointments, scheduling, ordering, paperwork, banking, and any possible credit card fees (if applicable).  We also have other indirect costs such as office & setup staff that work behind the scenes on every event but aren’t included in your labor fees. Liability insurance required to cover any damages or injuries caused by our staff or our equipment to any guests or property.  This relieves the client of liability or responsibility when an accident is not your fault. Vehicle insurance and costs not covered by a delivery/fuel charge.   The service charge helps offset the costs of going the extra mile, such as handling the rental equipment and assisting with the non-catering related elements of a party, wedding or event. 

Menu Options

Chicken Options

Garlic Herbed chicken 

Chicken Fried Chicken 

Bone In Fried Chicken 

Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken and Dumplings

Chicken and Noodles 

Caribbean Jerk Chicken 

Chicken Parmesan 

Italian Herb Bruschetta Chicken 

Teriyaki Chicken

Orange Chicken

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Marsala

Baked Chicken Thighs 

Tuscan Garlic Chicken 

Chicken and Vegetable Kabobs 


Pork Options

Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin

Fried Pork Chops

Spiral Glazed Ham 

Pulled Pork 

Beef Options

Pot Roast with Potatoes and Carrots

Roast Beef 

Mushroom Salisbury Steak 

Beef Tips with Mushroom Gravy

Mongolian Beef Stir Fry

Beef Stew 

Beef and Vegetable Kabobs 


Brisket * $16.5

Burnt Ends * $16.5

Beef Short Ribs * $16.5

Baby Back Ribs * $18.5

Roasted Sirloin * $20

Roasted Strip *$20

Roasted Prime Rib * $26

Roasted Beef Tenderloin * $28

Beef Wellington * $30


Turkey Options

Sliced Turkey Breast 

Creamy Turkey Casserole 

Turkey Wellington 

Turkey Pot Pie 

Seafood Options

Fried Catfish

Grilled Catfish

Fried Cod

Fried Shrimp

Jerk Shrimp 

Blackened Shrimp

Shrimp Scampi 

Shrimp and Grits 

Shrimp Kabobs

Crab Cakes * $30

Shrimp Cocktail * $16.5

Lobster Tail * $27.5

Crab Legs* $30

Blackened Salmon * $18.5

Italian Options

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Baked Ziti

Chicken Penne Alfredo 


Pasta Carbonara

Garlic and Oil Vemicelli with Mushrooms and Broccoli 

Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta 

Cajun Shrimp Pasta

Beef and Cheese Manicotti

Italian Ravioli 

Meatball Parmesan Bake

Chicken Marsala

Italian Herb Brushetta Chicken

Chicken Parmesan 

Spinach and Sausage Stuffed Shells 

Baked Parmesan Shrimp

Creamy Parmesan Basil Shrimp


Vegan and Vegetarian Options 

Vegan Garlic and Oil Vermicelli with Mushrooms and Broccoli

Vegan Mushroom Risotto

Vegan Lasagna

Vegan Tomato Basil Pasta

Vegan Enchiladas

Vegan Pesto Pasta 

Vegan Rigatoni

Vegetable Wellington

Vegetarian Shepherds Pie

Parmesan Spinach Orzo 

Ricotta and Spinach Pasty


Taco Bar Menu 

Enjoy 4 tacos per person of a combination of hard and soft shells.  Cilantro Lime Rice, Refried Beans, black beans, guacamole, chips and salsa, and all of the toppings for your tacos.  Weddings receive a cheese fountain and chip and dip bar for their cocktail hour instead of a charcuterie board.

Meat options below: 

Beef only : $11.5

Beef and Chicken $13.5

Beef and Pork $13.5

Steak $ 15.5

Steak and Chicken $16.5

Street Tacos $15.5

Cajun Queen Menu 

Shrimp Boil with andouille Sausage, potatoes, corn, and Lemon .  Comes with 2 sides, salad, and cornbread.  


Italian Themed Menu

You may choose two entrees with one side, salad, and garlic breadsticks.  


Spaghetti with meat Sauce 

Chicken Penne Alfredo

Lasagna with Meat Sauce

Pasta Carbonara 

Baked Ziti

Italian Ravioli 


Southern Comfort Menu 

Fried Catfish with Fried Chicken Breast Tenders and your choice of 2 sides, salad, and cornbread! 



Side Items

Cheesy Potatoes

Baked Potato (get it as a bar)

Garlic Mashed Potatoes 

Loaded Potato Casserole 

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Garlic Herbed Potates

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy 

Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Wild Rice Pilaf

Buttered Corn

Corn on the Cob

Cheesy Corn 

Candied Yams


Bacon Wrapped Asparagus *

Steamed Vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)

Roasted Vegetables (zuchini, squash, red pepper, potates, broccoli 

Green beans with bacon 

Italian Parmesan Green Beans

Broccoli and cheese

Brown sugar glazed carrots


Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Potato Salad


Pasta Salad

BBQ Beans

Macaroni Salad

Broccoli Salad


Fried Apples 

Salad Options

Garden salad: tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese on mixed greens
Strawberry Fields Salad: mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries, mandarine oranges, pecans, feta cheese
Caesar Salad: Romain, parmesan, olives, croutons
Italian: Romain, banana peppers, red onion, olives, parmesan, croutons 
Autumn Salad: Mixed Greens, apples, cranberries, blueberries, walnut, bacon, feta


Bread Options

Dinner Roll
Garlic Breadstick


Breakfast or Brunch for your wedding!

Breakfast is served with condiments needed for your selection.  Keep in mind we can set this up like a normal buffet but we will also add those cute touches and display what we can to make sure it has the wow factor! 

*Weddings ordering breakfast may receive an assortment of muffins, sweet breads, donut kabobs or minis, and pastries for your cocktail hour 

*Don’t forget to order your mimosa bar, bloody Mary bar or other yummy items to match your breakfast theme! 

Crepe Cakes start at $65

Donut Tree feeding 50 $50


Buffet your way

Pick how many menu items you would like to have for your meal and pricing will be based on options.

3 menu options                                 $10.5 per person

4 menu options                                $11.5 per person

5 menu options                                $12.5 per person

6 menu options                                $13.5 per person

Scrambled eggs with cheese

Biscuits and gravy

Muffin assortment

Fried Potatoes





Donut Assortment


French Toast

Pastry Assortment

Breakfast casserole with meat & cheese

Veggie Casserole with spinach, peppers, onions, cheese

Jumbo cinnamon rolls $4.5

Continental Style Breakfast $8.5 per person

Includes assorted rolls, muffins, bagels & cream cheese, and fruit

Breakfast Sandwiches $5.5 per person minimum 20 sandwiches

Bacon, egg, cheese

Egg and cheese

Sausage, egg, cheese

Yogurt Parfait Bar $6.5 per person minimum 20 or Banana split yogurt parfait

May be served ready to go in cups or may have all ingredients separated as a bar.

 Breakfast Burritos $9.5 per person

May be set up as a bar to self-serve or burritos may be premade for guests to grab and go

Includes sausage, bacon, ham, egg, cheese, potatoes, sour cream, salsa,

Pancake or French Toast Bar $6.5 per person

Served Plain with variety of toppings, fruit, flavored syrup, and nuts.

We are happy to add donut walls or pegs, and any other items that go with breakfast! 






Chocolate Fountain: comes with fruit, breads, cookies, chips, candies and kabob sticks.                                                                                     $250, feeds 50

Caramel Fountain: comes with fruit, breads, cookies, chips, candies, kabob sticks.                                                                                               $250, feeds 50

Ranch Fountain: comes with mac and cheese bites, jalapeno poppers, pizza rolls, chicken bites, veggies, fried pickles                                $250, feeds 50

Cheese Fountain: comes with breads, veggies, mini potatoes, pretzel bites, brussel sprouts, salami, apples, chips                                       $250, feeds 50

Bars for your Heart!

Mimosa Bar: we display an adorable set up of champagne and juices with garnish for your guests to enjoy for a cocktail hour!                $5 per person 

Bloody Mary Bar: we display this fun to build bar with your alcohol, seasonings, juice, and garnishes!                                                             $5 per person

Hot chocolate Bar: we supply the ordered amount of hot chocolate and keep it warm in our beautiful stainless steal urns surrounded by all of the toppings you could ever imagine in cute jars. We supply the decor style to match your theme! Structures are extra rentals.                                                                                        $1.50 per person

                Make it a boozy hot chocolate bar for an extra $1 per person! 

Coffee Bar:  we supply the ordered amount of coffee and keep it warm in our beautiful stainless steal urns surrounded by all of the  toppings you could ever imagine in cute jars. We supply the decor style to match your theme! Structures are extra rentals.                                                                                                                $1.50 per person

Hot Cider Bar: we supply the ordered amount of Cider and keep it warm in our beautiful stainless steal urns. We supply the decor           $1 per person

                Make it a “spiked” cider bar for an extra $1 per person! 

Old Fashioned Float Bar: we display several choice sodas to make floats with cute toppings and decor                                                           $4 per person 

Ice Cream Bar: a Cool selection of ice creams with all of the toppings a child or adult could ever want! Signage and decor included!         $4 per person

Popcorn Bar: a variety of your FAV popcorns with little bags for your guests to pick what they want!                                                                  $3 per person 

Smores Bar: Leave your guest wanting “smore” with this adorable display of classic favs with smores! Signage and decor included           $3 per person 

Pretzel Bar: We love our yummy pretzel bar with dipping sauces and cheese for a party starter! display included!                                           $3 per person

Candy Bar: show off your sweet side with our fun and cute candy bars! Display included                                                                                       $3 per person 

Milk and Cookie Bar: nothing is as classic as milk and cookies! Choice of 4-5 cookie flavors and milk in a cute display!  (2 pp)                    $3 per person

Biscuit Bar: well kiss my biscuits you will love this adorable display of all of the toppings in cute personal jars for your biscuits!                   $3 per person

Pizza Bar: a little pizza heaven with this late night snack option! treat your guests to a slice of heaven! (2 piece pp)                                         $4 per person 

***all display for bars is an added cost. Typical charge is $50 for all stands and signage (based on volume of bar)

Just A Few Of Our Events! Enjoy Our Photo Gallery!