Bar Pricing

Cash Bar for Beer and Wine 


Includes bar set up, license fee,  disposable drinkware, & ice.

$30 per hour per bartender after 3 hours

Portable Bars $250 (stainless steel on wheels)

Cash Bar Pricing

Beer                                                                  $4.00

Wine                                                                 $5.00

Cocktails                                                          $6.00

Soft Drinks                                                      $0.75

Cash Bar – Full Bar with Spirits 


Includes bar set up, license fee, disposable drinkware,  garnish, mixers & ice.

Host Bar

Paid per guest

Price Charged on all guests age 21 and over

Host bar includes soft drinks, mixers, garnish,  disposable drinkware, and ice

Pricing for Host Bar

Beer and Wine                                              $15 per guest

Beer, Wine, and cocktails                          $21 per guest

Paid in Advance by the host of the party; includes three hours bar time. $30 per hour per bartender after 3 hours.

Additional hours if goes over contract

$100 per hour must be paid to bartender at time of request. 

Drink Tickets

If you don’t want to pay for a whole bar but want to give your guests something…drink tickets are great. 

We charge per drink by where the ticket is placed in three jars: beer, wine, cocktail. At the end the of the event, the host will be responsible for paying the difference in the estimated ticket expense or monies can be refunded if over amount anticipated. An estimate can be made at the time of the proposal. 

beer $4

wine $5

cocktails $6

Bartending $150

Full-service bartending includes bar setup, license fees. Bartender will bring own openers and mix-ware. Host provides all cups, garnish, napkins, etc. 

Additional hours per bartender $30 per bartender per hour

Beer Choices

Bud Lite                                                          Miller lite                                                 Mich Ultra

Coors Lite                                                      Corona                                                     Busch lite

Budweiser                                                      Natural lite                                              Busch

Pabst Blue Ribbon                                        Stella                                                       Boulevard

Wine Choices                                               

Cabernet                                                         Chardonnay                                           Riesling

Zinfandel                                                         Pinot Gris                                               Champagne

Pino Noir                                                         Sauvignon Blanc                                   Red Blend

Pink Mascoto                                                Mascoto



Jack Daniels                                                 Crown Royal                                            Bird Dog

Captain Morgan                                           Vodka                                                       Tequila

Rum                                                                Gin                                                            Segrams 7

Fireball                                                           Rumchata



Soda                                                                  sweet tea

Cranberry                                                          Orange juice

Tonic water                                                       etc…



Limes                                                                orange

Lemons                                                            pineapple

Cherries                                                           umbrella additional $20 for 100




                                                                                             Signature Drinks                                                                                                          

$6 per person

Bloody Mary’s

Margaritas multiple flavors available

Tequila Sunrise

Pina Colada

Dirty Shirley Temples

Arnold Palmers

Blue Smurf



Champagne Fountain                                                                                                     $250

Each bottle of champagne is $10 additionally


Margarita Machine                                                                                                          $250

Margarita mix and tequila is additional cost


Ice                                                                                                                                       $10 per 5lbs

Ice keepers

galvanized tub small $15

Galvanized tub large $25

XLarge White coolers $40

metal trough $75