Single Location Day of Coordination $850

We want your experience with Katie’s Event Coordinating to be totally wonderful!

Planning the entire wedding without a coordinator is stressful enough, so we highly suggest you hire someone who can handle the stress of “THE DAY-OF!” After months planning every aspect of your wedding, don’t leave the execution of your final details to chance. Brides often rely on family and friends to help carry out plans on the day of their wedding. When this happens, we often see the last minute mishaps before the ceremony go unnoticed as the family member or friend leaves the role of coordinator to get ready and attempt to be a part of the bridal room activities.

Remember, your family and friends are your guests also! You want them to be able to relax and enjoy your wedding and not end up feeling like “event staff.”

In most cases your “volunteers” have little experience in the role of event planner. They often end up feeling overwhelmed as they try to keep on top of everything that must be done to ensure that the day runs smoothly. For example, we often see mothers of the bride take on these responsibilities and they end up missing out on the important personal moments of their daughter’s special day.

At least a month before your wedding day you should meet with your coordinator and review the various vendor contracts. You should be sure the venue has the name of your coordinator as this will be the person handling questions and deliveries and making sure what you have ordered arrives and is set up the way you want it set up.

  • Set up a detailed schedule for your rehearsal, wedding and reception. An order of events will make everything run smoothly and your guests will appreciate knowing what is going on – and no drag time!
  • Discuss with the officiant the order of events for the ceremony. Your coordinator will then walk through the order of events during rehearsal.
  • Be in charge of the layout of the rooms. Your coordinator will be able to tell your vendors where everything will be placed. He/she will also be sure that linens, décor, flowers, etc. come in according to your schedule.

o What time are your flowers being delivered? Who will place them, pin them on or give out to the wedding party and family? Is this a photo opportunity for your photographer? What happens to them after your event?

o Do you have specific requirements for the set-up of your cake(s) or desserts? The coordinator needs to be aware of them.

o The coordinator and your caterer: Your caterer will need to unload and set up prior to your guests arriving. His/her vehicle should then be moved from the kitchen area prior to the arrival of your guests. Your coordinator should tell them when and where this should take place.

o The coordinator and your bartender: Your bartender needs to follow the same procedure as the caterer. o What happens if you run out of something during the reception? Your coordinator should know what to do and where to find it.

  • The DJ or Band: The coordinator needs to be able to show them where they need to set-up and give them the schedule of the wedding so they know when to expect/announce the time for events to happen.
  • Photographer: The coordinator needs to know the schedule of photographs that will need the presence of the bride, groom and wedding party in order to be sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be.
  • Clothing: The coordinator should know who is responsible for getting the wedding gown and veil to the venue. Who is responsible for picking up any rented clothing items and who is responsible for gathering these up and returning them?
  • The Guests: the coordinator needs to be sure someone is available about 30 minutes prior to the wedding to help guests know

o Where to park o The location of the ceremony

o Where to place gifts

o Whether to wait to be seated or to seat themselves

o Whether to pick up a program or will they be passed out

  • THE CEREMONY: The coordinator is in charge at this time. He/she is responsible for

o Organizing and directing the entrance for:

  • The Family Members
  • The Groom & Officiant
  • The Groomsmen
  • The Bridesmaids
  • The Bride

o The coordinator needs to work with the DJ concerning the music and what songs play at what times.

  • After the Ceremony: The coordinator should be sure you have provided a list of photos you want taken after the ceremony. This will cut down on the amount of time it takes before you can join your guests.
  • Between the Ceremony and the Dinner: The coordinator should be checking to see that the guests know where they need to go while photos are being taking. He/she should also be checking with the caterer to be sure they have things under control.
  • Reception Details: The coordinator makes sure that each event happens according to prearranged plans:

o First Dance

o Dinner

o Cake Cutting

o Toasting

o Departure

  • Departure: The coordinator should be sure

o That your departure vehicle arrives on time

o your luggage is loaded and ready for the send-off

o Organize the send-off

  • Clean-Up: The coordinator makes sure that the final details have been taken care of:

o Who is in charge of getting the gifts?

o Who pays the clergyman?

o Who has the marriage license?

o Who is in charge of tipping or paying the vendors?

o Who is in charge of packing up decorations?

o Who is in charge of rented items – like linens, etc? o The coordinator should be sure the bartender has cleaned his/her area.

o The coordinator should be sure the caterer has cleaned his/her area.

As you can see, there are many little details that go into making your wedding special and stress-free! We highly suggest hiring a qualified and experienced “Day of Coordinator.” Our mission is to do all we can to help your Wedding Day be everything you dreamed of!

Double Location Day of Coordination $1500

Same things performance and expectations as above for Day of Coordination. This is in a scenario where you have your ceremony at the church or another location and then the reception at a separate venue or location. 

Full Wedding Planning $2000


All Inclusive Planning is perfect for couples who want an experienced event planner guiding them through the planning process every step of the way. All items listed above in day of coordination is also included with full wedding planning. 
Services include, but are not limited to:


Unlimited Communication via Phone, Email or In-Person
Customized Wedding Timeline
Vendor Recommendations
Meeting and Tasting Scheduling
Budget Tracking
Planning Expertise at Vendor Meetings
Assistance Negotiating Vendor Contracts
Recommendations for Menu Planning and Rehearsal Dinners
Travel Recommendation for Traveling Guests and Honeymoons
Communication with All Vendors Prior to Event
Rehearsal Coordination
Unlimited Hours Day of Event
Assistance with Event Set Up, Tear Down and Vendor Organization
Assistance with Photography Navigation During Event
Expertise with Wardrobe and Dress Bustling
A Stress Free Event
And More!